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Welcome to Pharma Marketing Surveys!
From time to time, Pharma Marketing Network hosts surveys of subscribers and visitors to the website. These surveys give you an opportunity to offer your opinions and insights on important pharmaceutical marketing issues. After taking the survey, you can view a summary of the de-identified survey results.

Surveys are conducted anonymously, meaning you do not have to supply your name or contact information. However, you may opt in to provide this information so that we may contact you for more details or to quote you in any article we may write summarizing the results of the survey.

Featured Survey:
What's the Future of DTC Advertising?
What's the Future of DTC Advertising?
What's the Future of DTC Advertising? Will There Be a Boom or Bust in Spending?

Will the Next Few Years Be a Boom or a Bust for DTC? This survey asks your opinion about the future of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising spending; specifically comparing spending in the near future (2014-2017) compared to recent years (2008-2012). What factors will have the most impact? FDA regulations, patent expiry, public opinion, and/or the economy? Please take 5 minutes to respond to the survey now.

Other Featured Surveys
The Value of Social, Mobile, & Gaming Technologies for Improving Adherence

Pill BoxWe are beginning to see the launch of social media campaigns and mobile apps designed to support patients by increasing disease awareness and improving medication adherence. Some of the more innovative approaches are incorporating gaming technology that provides incentives, reward points, and discounts. The question is: Are SMAGs (social, mobile, and/or games) effective in improving medication adherence? Or is all this just a new-fangled way of reminding patients to take their medicine?

This survey is designed to inform the discussion on the pros and cons of how these new technologies drive patient engagement and what value they have in solving the long-standing medication adherence "problem."

CLICK HERE to take the survey.

Social Media Pharma Marketing Readiness Survey/Tool

Social Media Globe Before you embark on a social media marketing project, it is important that you understand your company's unique regulatory environment, corporate culture, and knowledge, all of which need to be taken into consideration before you develop your plan.

In order to help pharmaceutical companies, their vendor partners, and other companies determine how ready they are to engage in social media marketing, Pharma Marketing News has created the online "Rate Your Social Media Marketing Readiness" survey or tool.

CLICK HERE to take the survey.

All Surveys & Results
Access the results of the following surveys. Some may still be open for participation.

What's Your Opinion?
Should Pharma Pay Individual Patients as Spokespeople for Their Products?
Yes, I don't see any problem with it
Yes, within limits (eg, amount paid)
Maybe, it depends
No, under no circumstances
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